Company Profile

BIOMEVA GmbH is an experienced and highly reliable contract manufacturing organization (CMO) since 1993. The company has produced more than 400 batches of cGMP-compliant material for big pharmaceutical and biotech companies on a 1500 L scale. BIOMEVA has served more than 30 customers worldwide. Partners benefit from BIOMEVA's track-proven operational expertise in the transfer, development, scale-up and validation of cGMP processes.

BIOMEVA offers comprehensive services around cGMP manufacturing and processing of biopharmaceuticals using microorganisms (E. coli and yeast). In its fully cGMP-compliant facility, BIOMEVA can manufacture at Biosafety Level I (BSL-1) for recombinant and Biosafety Level II (BSL-2) for natural microorganisms. The company operates a state-of-the-art facility.

BIOMEVA is a privately owned company based in Heidelberg, Germany.

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